Water Temperature For Betta Fish

The normal temperature for betta fish should be between 76F to 82F (24.5 Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius). The reason behind this is that bettas are originally found in Thailand where normal water temperatures in the wild are warmer as it is near Equator. That is why in a fish tank to replicate the exact conditions as found in wild you must use a fish tank water heater.




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While picking up a fish tank water heater, it is better if you use a heater with a built-in thermostat. This will prevent over heating of water and keep the water temperatures controlled.

Apart from a heater you'll also require a aquarium thermometer so that you can keep an eye on the water temperatures on a daily basis. The best type of thermometers is the digital one with a probe dipping in the water and the LED temperature display hangs on the fish tank glass walls outside. This is the best way to monitor any temperature changes.

If you live in areas where outside temperature tends to be hot, then you'll need to keep a closer look on water temperatures. During night hours as the outside temperature drops the water temperature needs to be maintained at 80 degrees F using the water heater. 

The wattage of the water heater will greatly depend upon the water holding capacity (in gallons) of your betta tank. You can buy the water heater online and most of the times the wattage required for different sizes of tanks is mentioned on the packing of the water heater so that you donít end up paying more for a more powerful heater.

If you use aquatic plants in your tank then for healthy growth of these plants you'll require artificial lighting. To avoid overheating of the water always use LED types of lights above the fish tank. If you use incandescent lamps then these lamps also produce heart apart from light, which can be a problem for aquarium water and even fish. 

Since bettas are tropical fish you must never mix cool water fishes like goldfish with them. Bettas love their own territory and use of aquatic plants will definitely help in maintaining a healthy habitat.

Image Credits - By Pharaoh Hound (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC-BY-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

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