Foam In Betta Fish Tank

If you see foam in betta fish tank, then most probably your betta is ready to mate with a female. Male bettas form a bubble nest on the surface of the water when they are ready to mate with the female.




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Foam Formation


After mating the female lays eggs which the male carries in his mouth and inserts them in the bubble nest that looks like foam. This is done to protect the eggs and hatching.

If you see this kind of foam then probably your betta fish wants to mate with a female betta. Once the love making is done, female will immediately lay eggs and the male will carry them into this bubble nest. Read this article on breeding to get more detailed information.

If you have male and female betta fishes in the same tank then you'll sees this kind of foam formation more often because male will get excited whenever he see the female around. That is why never keep both male and female in the same tank as they will mate frequently and you'll have a hard time keeping up with the maintenance of the tank as well as taking care of the newly hatched betta babies. Every time they mate you have hundreds of new baby bettas swimming around in the tank. The worst part is many times the male betta will eat some of the babies himself.

If you have kept the female and the male bettas separately but still see foam formation, then probably the female betta is not far enough from the male where he canít see her. The male will get excited even if he sees the female in another tank which is close by. So keep the male and the female betta in separate tanks and the tanks should be far from each other.



Image Credits - By Marrabbio2 at it.wikipedia (Transferred from it.wikipedia) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

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