How To Clean a Betta Fish Tank?

Cleaning a betta fish tank is fairly a simple process. You don't have to remove bettas from your fish tank for cleaning the tank. In fact you should never remove them from your fish tank once you release them in water.




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1) Before you clean the tank it is necessary that you store the new water for the fish tank 24 hours before you start the cleaning process. You can store normal tap water in a bucket for 24 hours so that chlorine gets disappeared naturally from this water. 

Chlorine is harmful for fish of all species and must be removed. Some people use de-chlorinating agents that are available in the market that can be added to the water. But if you don't want to spend money on these then simply store the water for 24 hours and it will be removed naturally.

2) Next you'll need a siphoning tube that will suck water out of the tank. Insert one end of the siphon in the tank and then suck the water with your mouth and release the other end into an empty bucket. This will start sucking water from the tank through the tube in the empty bucket. You direct the siphon tube in all corners of the tank and carefully suck dirt particles, solid waste, from the bottom of the tank. 

Move the siphon tube in all corners of the tank and carefully clean the tank without disturbing any decorating items. You may have to shuffle a little grave at the bottom of the tank so that dirt particles that are hidden beneath the gravel will surface and you can suck them in the siphon tube.
  • Before you dip your hand in the fish tank make sure you DO NOT wash it by soap. No matter how much you wash your hands by soap some residue of the soap will always remain on your hands and this can be dangerous for your betta fish health.
  • When you suck the dirt particle by siphoning make sure you do not suck smaller fish into the tube as well.

3) Siphon only 25% of total water capacity and then stop. One you have removed sufficient amount of dirt, start adding the previously stored water slowly into the tank. While adding the water, make sure to take care of the decorating ornaments in the tank.

What is the frequency of cleaning the betta fish tank?

You can create a simple schedule for cleaning your fish tank. Partial water changes of up to 25% can be done once a week for healthy living of your bettas.

This video shows you how to use a siphon tube to clean dirt and solid waste from the bottom of the fish tank

Here are some rules that you must follow when you clean your fish tank

  • Do not use soap to cleaning your fish tank from inside. You may use it to clean the tank from outside
  • You may use an UNUSED toilet brush to scrap dirt from inside of the tank. Sometimes due to algae formation the glass becomes green from inside. To remove this you may use a new unused toilet brush to scrap off the algae from the glass surface. Never use a toilet brush that you are using to clean your toilet every day.
  • Prevention is the best cure and it is true with fish tank maintenance as well. Do not overfeed your fish. Feed your fish in smaller quantities and see that they eat all the food you feed them. Observe the quantity of food they consume and adjust accordingly.
  • To prevent algae growth in your fish tank, do not use too may lights. Excess light will encourage lots of algae growth fast and this will make your fish tank water green very quickly.
  • Install a filter for your betta fish tank as most of the cleaning will be done by the filer on a regular basis. You must keep the filer running for 24 hours to ensure proper filtering.
  • Do not use vinegar to clean your fish tank from inside. This is true even when your fish tank is empty.
  • If you want to clean an empty fish tank then clean it using hot water and an unused new scrubbing brush that you will use only to clean the fish tank and nothing else. You can even use a small sponge to clean the glass from inside.
  • Do not remove your betta fish from the fish tank when you are cleaning the tank with the siphon tube. The fish is used to the water chemistry and habitat. By removing him from the tank it becomes stressful. Also frequent water changes can make his stressful as well. That is why a schedule of once a week is fair enough for your betta.

Image Credits - By Parostoteles (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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